Dr. Luis Fandos

Luis Fandos is a pain relief medical doctor and licensed anesthesiologist by the American Board of Anesthesiology and American Board of Pain Medicine. Born and raised in the South American country of Argentina, he went to the University of Rosario where he studied and got his degree as a doctor. He followed in the steps of his dad to become a physician.

Dr. Luis Fandos M.D. completed his anesthesia along with his critical care residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. During his residency, Dr. Luis Fandos M.D. developed a great interest in the discipline of pain control. He acquired a fellowship in interventional pain management at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt of Columbia University where he picked up the best sophisticated treatment methods in the industry.

Soon after his fellowship, Luis Fandos attained extra sub-specialty instruction at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. His knowledge of pain management ailments was widened upon. Dr. Fandos’ education has actually been led by some of the world’s greatest medical professionals in his areas of focus.

Right after Dr. Fandos returned to Argentina, he took over as Division Chief for Pain Management at the Mater Dei Hospital in Buenos Aires and was appointed as Associate Professor at Foundation Dolor. Upon coming back to the United States in 2002, Dr. Fandos in conjunction with Dr. Craig Shalmi co-founded the New York Pain Consultants; they have three offices in Bablyon, NY.

Dr. Luis Fandos, MD is also a an associate the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, American Society of Pain Medicine, International Association for the Study of Pain, North American Neuromodulation Society and the World Pain Institute.

Current medical residents from the Stony Brook University Medical Center and the Samirtan Hospital are studying about pain management under the instruction of Dr. Fandos. He also works as the Director of the Division of Pain Management at Southside Hospital in New York.

Dr. Luis Fandos M.D. is at the moment included in a number of studies that concentrate on sufferers with recurring pain and through a few studies, he is producing data on fresh procedures that could most likely provide these medical patients with extensive sustained relief of pain and better quality of life. Different conditions that cause pain is at present being examined.


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