Treating Kidney Stone Pain

Woman holding kidney region in pain

Kidney stones are incredibly painful as anyone who has had them can attest. Nobody really knows exactly why they form, but thankfully there are treatments that help rid the body of the stones and the pain associated with them.

Removal of Kidney Stones

Most kidney stones will pass right through the body and the individual will never know that they even had them. Some stones are larger and cause slight pain and blood in the urine but pass as well. Other stones are quite large and cause the individual a lot of pain. These stones often have to be surgically removed or broken apart for the body to pass. If an individual is suffering from kidney stone pain the first goal should be to pass the stone.

To pass a large stone individuals must see a doctor. Because of the amount of pain that individuals are in when they realize that they need to pass a stone this seems to be no problem. Doctors may give you an intravenous medication to break up the stone or they may choose to operate and remove the stone or stones causing pain.

Small to medium stones can be passed when the individual drinks excess amounts of water. The increase water intake will hydrate the body making the stones easier to pass. This will significantly help with pain.

Pain Management

Once the stones are passed individuals may still feel slightly pain. This pain can be alleviated by drinking water. Hydration will allow the body to repair itself. The faster the body repairs itself the faster pain will be relieved.

Many individuals who have suffered with kidney stone pain are also prescribed pain medication. Many other over the counter medications will also significantly help reduce the pain that the individual is experiencing. These pain medications are often taken primarily for swelling. When a stone first presents an individual with pain it is because there is swelling and inflammation. Both prescribed pain medication and over the counter medication will also help take away soreness, hotness, and external pain.

Home Treatments

Some individuals find that rubbing or massaging the area that hurts will reduce a great amount of pain. It is also very possible that this massaging will break up stones or aid them on their journey out of the body.

There are many topical treatments that help with swelling, tenderness, and general pain on areas of skin around the body. These medications may numb, freeze, or heat up an area enough for a person to feel relief from their terrible kidney stone pain.

Some individuals insist that exercise helps them to cope with their kidney stone pain. This is primarily associated with passing small or medium sized kidney stones. Exercise such as running, riding a bike, or swimming may aid the stone out of the body, massage the painful area, and act as a natural pain reducer. If stones are large excess exercising will only make the problem worse. Exercising with a large stone could actually cause internal damage. If pain is severe an individual should limit movement until consulting a physician.

You do not suffer with kidney stone pain for no reason. Relieve your kidney stone pain today!

Dr. Luis Fandos is a certified anesthesiologist based in Babylon, NY.

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